Membership is open to dog owners/carers who are prepared to accept the objectives of the group and abide by the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Respect other users of the park.  East Park covers a large enough area to accommodate all users without conflict.
  2. Always pick up your dog mess and try to avoid them fouling sport pitches.  You can use any waste bin.
  3. Never ill-treat your dog.
  4. Use common sense for allowing your dogs off lead e.g
    • avoid areas where children are playing ball games etc
    • don’t let your dog chase wildfowl
    • keep your dog on the lead around picnics
    • avoid those playing sport or exercising
    • keep your dog on a lead in crowded areas
    • keep the flexi lead short in these instances.
  5. Train your dog not to jump up at people due to muddy paws and danger of knocking children over.  To a young child, even a small dog looks very big.
  6. Remember strangers will not know your dog is friendly.  Not all people like dogs going up to them and may be afraid.

There will be a minimum of 4 members meetings and 4 newsletters each year.

The elected committee reserve the right to refuse membership to any person if they have sufficient reason.  If a person is refused membership they have the right to appeal to the committee in writing.

The elected committee shall have the right to terminate a person’s membership if there is sufficient reason for doing so.  That member shall have the right of appeal to the committee.

All members have full voting rights.

Any new member must fill in a membership form which can be downloaded here.
The membership fee is £2 a year.
The membership year is from April – March.

Complete and return the form by post enclosing the membership fee to:

30, Gillshill Road

Hull, HU8 0LE