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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do I have to be an EPDWA member to contribute on the site?
    A: Definitely not. Just register for free and start writing.

  3. How do I comment on an existing post?
    A: There is a comment link in blue beneath each post which you simply click on to enter your comments. If the words “comments closed”¬† or “comments off” are displayed this means that the post is quite old and comments have been disabled.

  5. How do I add a new post (article)?
    Follow these steps: 

    • Login, then – at the top of the page is a toolbar
    • Click Post, Add New – this opens the editor
    • Enter a title or subject for your post
    • Type your text in the large white box, don’t worry at this point how it looks.
    • When you have entered all the text look at the little icons in two rows above your text box. These allow you to add any formatting to the text you have entered. For example, select a word in your text by left clicking before the first letter then with the mouse button still depressed drag the pointer over the letters in the word or phrase to highlight/select the section you wish to format, then release the mouse button. This should have selected some text. You can then click, for instance the “B” icon above to make that selection bold.
    • To insert a picture into your post, place the cursor where you want to insert then select the icon just to the right of the text Upload/Insert. This opens a dialogue to allow you to upload a picture.
    • When you have finished all your editing, make sure you choose a category for your post¬† by ticking a category box at the right of the screen. If you do not, your post goes on the chalkboard automatically.
    • Finally either save it as a draft to edit and publish later or publish it now by clicking Publish.
    • Any problems or for further advice don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

  7. How do I edit my profile?
    A: Login, then in the toolbar at the top of the screen point at your user name, select Edit my Profile.

  9. How do I put my photos in the Gallery?
    A: Login, click on the Gallery page on the site and you can use the “add your photos” link on the gallery page.