The name of the group is the East Park Dog Walkers Association.



The objectives of the East Park Dog Walkers Association are: –

  1. To promote and educate people in responsible pet dog ownership in East Park and the local community in conjunction with Hull City Council.
  2. To link into the objectives of Pet Respect and the Friends of East Park.
  3. To liaise with the East Park management team and the other users of East Park to understand and respect their needs and views.
  4. To promote a Code of Conduct for dog walking in East Park.
  5. To socialise and learn basic care of animals including training.
  6. To raise awareness of behaviour around dogs (bite inhibition) and diseases from faeces.

Code of Conduct

  1. Respect other users of the park.  East Park covers a large enough area to accommodate all users without conflict.
  2. Always pick up your dog mess and try to avoid them fouling sport pitches.  You can use any waste bin.
  3. Never ill-treat your dog.
  4. Use common sense for allowing your dogs off lead e.g
    • avoid areas where children are playing ball games etc
    • don’t let your dog chase wildfowl
    • keep your dog on the lead around picnics
    • avoid those playing sport or exercising
    • keep your dog on a lead in crowded areas
    • keep the flexi lead short in these instances.
  5. Train your dog not to jump up at people due to muddy paws and danger of knocking children over.  To a young child, even a small dog looks very big.
  6. Remember strangers will not know your dog is friendly.  Not all people like dogs going up to them and may be afraid.


Membership is open to dog owners/carers who are prepared to accept the objectives of the group and abide by the agreed Code of Conduct.

Any new member must fill in a membership form.  The membership fee is £2 a year.  The membership year is the same as the respective financial year (April – March).

There will be a minimum of 4 members meetings and 4 newsletters each year.

The elected committee reserve the right to refuse membership to any person if they have sufficient reason.  If a person is refused membership they have the right to appeal to the committee in writing.

The elected committee shall have the right to terminate a person’s membership if there is sufficient reason for doing so.  That member shall have the right of appeal to the committee.

All members have full voting rights.


An elected committee consisting of a minimum of 5 members shall conduct the affairs of the East Park Dog Walkers Association.  The committee shall meet regularly on a 2 monthly basis.

All members of the committee shall be members of the East Park Dog Walkers Association.  At least one committee member should be a member of the Friends of East Park.  At least one committee member should be a member of Pet Respect.

The committee shall have full power to deal with all matters relating to the East Park Dog Walkers Association not reserved to a General Meeting in terms of this constitution.

There will be 3 officers as listed below.  All officers shall be elected at the annual AGM.

If the post of any officer should fall vacant after an AGM election, the committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.

All officers shall retire annually at the next AGM following their appointment and be eligible for re-election at the AGM

The quorum for Committee Meetings shall be at least 3 members present.

Duties of Officers

The officers of the group shall be:





Chairperson – He/she is the main spokesperson.  He/she co-ordinates, chairs and controls meetings.  The chair has a vote like all other members but has the casting vote in cases of equality of votes.

Secretary – He/she is responsible for the general administration of the project and for the preparation of meetings, agenda’s and minutes.  He/she will work closely with other officers.

Treasurer – He/she controls the income and expenditure of the East Park Dog Walkers Association.  He/she opens and is responsible for the bank accounts and adopts appropriate financial procedures.  He/she shall provide regular financial reports.  The chairperson, secretary and treasurer will be authorised signatories and 2 will be required to authorise withdrawals.

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

East Park Dog Walkers Association shall hold an AGM at the end of each year to

  1. Receive reports from the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer
  2. Approve the Annual Accounts as presented by the Treasurer.
  3. Elect the officers.
  4. Consider any changes to the constitution, rules and code of conduct.

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

An EGM shall be called by an application in writing to the secretary supported by at least 2 of the members. The management committee shall also have the power to call an EGM by decision of a simple majority of its members.


At least 14 days notice and the Agenda shall be given to all voting members of any General Meeting


All matters shall be decided by a simple majority of the members present. Voting shall be by a show of hands.

Winding up

The East Park Dog Walkers Association is a non-profit making organisation. No profit or surplus will be distributed other than to another non profit making body on a winding up or dissolution of the East Park Dog Walkers Association.

If upon winding up or dissolution of the East Park Dog Walkers Association, there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts any property whatsoever; the same shall be transferred to some other organisation having similar objectives as the East Park Dog Walkers Association.


The objectives of PET RESPECT are:-
  1. To teach young people to respect animals and all living things.
  2. To help young people learn new skills, hence improving their behaviour in the community.
  3. To socialize and learn basic care of animals, responsible ownership.
  4. To raise awareness of behaviour around dogs, (bite inhabitation).
  5. To teach behavioural boundaries to young people.
  6. To encourage healthy lifestyle and physical exercise addressing government obesity concerns.
  7. Promote responsible pet ownership in the Community.
The objective of the Friends of East Park is:-

To help with fundraising, promotion of East Park and to help out at events run by the East Park ranger team.