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Arlin Systems have been in business since 1997 offering support services to all types of small businesses. It has been operated since its inception and still today by Roger Downie. For a number of years he managed the electronics dept of a national leisure industry manufacturer, before leaving to develop his own operation. Serving a niche market on a very personal basis allowed Arlin Systems to fulfil a number of different aims. In an effort to provide solutions to the every day problems that arose for its customers the company was able to establish itself quickly as a one stop shop saving clients the task of multi sourcing from a number of specialist suppliers.
Having wide experience in many industrial disciplines means we can supply hardware and software solutions in-house and as the need arises. Many of our clients have sought help with development of products which at first seemed to be beyond their budgets but have been pleasantly surprised at the efforts Arlin Systems have used to reduce prototyping, development and production costs.
The goal of the company is not to replace or compete with existing suppliers but to offer development skills and assistance to other small companies who feel they cannot achieve their aim through the normal channels either financially or through lack of knowledge. Over the years has seen the addition to Arlin Systems of computer equipment supply and support services, and even more recently the provision of web site design and web hosting.

All our website hosting is done from UK data centres.

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About Us

All our website hosting is done from UK data centres. We feel we offer cheap, reliable solutions, to fulfill the needs of any small business.

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