Sadly we had a serious incident in the park today which resulted in the loss of a dog.

The dog, a brown, Staffy x Labrador,  ran after a duck on the ice and fell through. It then became trapped under the ice.

“Nine of us spent an hour smashing through the ice but sadly we were unable to locate the dog. It has just left us all feeling very sad and deflated and we would like to take this opportunity to work with you to ensure the safety of all dogs.”
Jennifer Hunt, Parks Development Officer (Environment)


Please read the following and digest:

Urban park rangers at East Park in Hull are reminding people to keep themselves safe and not to go on frozen lakes and ponds as the cold snap continues.

“We want people to have fun and enjoy our parks, but unfortunately some people are forgetting the hidden dangers”, says Jennifer Hunt,¬† at East Park.

“Some people have been allowing their children and their dogs to go onto the frozen lakes and ponds in the city’s parks. We would urge people to be responsible and to not go on, or allow their pets or children to go on, frozen lakes or ponds. The ice is often not as thick as it appears and could crack unexpectedly causing a potentially serious accident.”