Now that autumn is approaching, visitors do like to give foody treats to the animals in the compound.

Although some of the trees around the park are starting to drop conkers and acorns, they aren’t suitable as food for the animals and birds in the aviaries and animal compound.

The acorns especially can cause serious problems in animals as they are difficult to digest and get compacted in the animal’s stomach.

If you do feel the need to give a treat to the animals, it is far better to give them a healthy one such as pieces of fruit or vegetables, with or without the skin on.

Not all fruit and vegetables are good for animals though! Avoid potatoes (and peelings), rhubarb (leaves and stalks), oranges and other citrus fruits, strong smelling or tasting vegetables such as onions, leeks, and garlic.

Bread is another treat that is bad for animals and birds.
It is a very fattening food that can cause fat deposits to build up around animal’s livers, again causing health problems.

Any fruit or veg should be washed to remove any chemical residue and should be small enough for the animal to chew.

Richard Brown
Wildlife Development Officer
Hull City Council