These were postponed at the last Area Committee meeting in July when the presenting officer was suddenly taken ill. Emma Tindall, Principal Environmental Health Officer, has now taken on the role and asked to meet with our committee before taking the report to the members of the Area Committee. We raised concerns that not enough action is being taken against negligent dog owners who continue not to clear up after their dogs or not have their dogs under control which gives us all a bad press and encourages calls for dog bans, etc.
We then met with Emma, Mairtin Coss and Debbie Akester (who represented the Park and Area Team) and all were in agreement that the preferred option was for a dog control order which needs dogs to be under control at all times (but can be off lead) with the authority for park rangers to request dogs being a nuisance to be put on a lead. This will now be considered by members at the Park Area Committee meeting on 28th September at the Veterans Pavilion starting at 9-30am. A representative of the EPDWA committee will be there.