East Park Dog Walkers Association

Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 12th May, 2011  6.00pm


  1. Kim Hepple talked to members about our achievement in setting up the association and about the future aim to continue with educating people about responsible dog ownership.

  3. Cliff Brooks sent in a report showing that a total income of £564.70 was achieved from memberships, donations and funds raised at events. Expenditure was £298.11 including the purchase of stamps, insurance cover and a gazebo for events.

  5. Election of Committee Members

    Kim Hepple was proposed as Chairperson by Lynda Downie, seconded by Phil Caygill and agreed by all.

    Kay Foulds was proposed as Secretary by Mary Richardson, seconded by Dave Codd and agreed by all.

    Cliff Brooks was proposed as Treasurer by Lynda Downie, seconded by Phil Caygill and agreed by all.

    Shaun Foulds was proposed as Membership co-ordinator by Charlie Burkitt, seconded by Phil Caygill and agreed by all.

    Lynda Downie was proposed as Training co-ordinator by Kim Hepple, seconded by Charlie Burkitt and agreed by all.


  7. The proposal to amend the constitution was agreed by all and now reads:

    ‘Membership is open to dog owners/carers who are prepared to accept the objectives of the group and abide by the agreed Code of  Conduct.’


  9. Members were advised of the forthcoming events:

    Sunday 26th June 2011 – sponsored walk in East Park in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

    Monday 25th July 2011 – plans are being made for a promotion and awareness day 1-3pm (to be confirmed with East Park)

    Sunday 7th August – Pets in the Park (Pet Respect) to be held in West Park.


  11. Any other business

Website – members were impressed by the updated website www.epdwa.co.uk which has attracted interest from groups in other local authorities and they are going to follow our example in working with their councils, using our constitution as a template for their own.

Fouling – members asked if Environmental Health could clamp down more on those not picking up dog mess. Kay advised that they do visit the park but they have limited resources to cover the city. However members could report specific incidences i.e. if its happening at a set time/location. Members also expressed extreme concern at incidents of the fisherman (especially those who remain in the park overnight) using the bushes for toileting purposes and human faeces have been seen alongside used toilet paper.

Children – concerns were expressed by several members that young children are allowed to chase the geese even when they have goslings with them including one incident of a man chasing them with a toddler in a pushchair. If a dog was allowed to do this its owner would be frowned upon yet some parents do not uphold the same principles. It is also dangerous to allow their children to run after the geese near the edge of the lake as the child could easily fall into the lake whilst doing so.

All business concluded the meeting was closed.