Meet Bruce, the Best in Show from the fun classes at the Veterans Weekend Dog Show.  His owners Debbie and Graham are proud of their boy and he was a popular winner with all his dog buddies from the café.

Bruce or Precious Thirtleby Pact to give him his Kennel Club name was born on 11th July 2003, at Woodland Kennels in Thirtleby.   One of eleven puppies, Mum who is still going strong was called Ginty and Dad was a Crufts champion who hailed from Cheltenham.


A tradition that Bruce has emulated albeit on a smaller scale by winning best novelty in show at the East Park dog show.

Because of the reputation of his breed (almost all bad) Bruce can be classed as an excellent ambassador for Rottweiler’s, he is a very placid dog who likes nothing more than a walk, a sausage at his favorite caf√©, (the Pavilion) and a fuss made of him by Margot and the girls.

He is well travelled dog almost always going on holiday with his Mum & Dad, and is always well received by the various hotels and guest houses he stays in.  A particular favorite is the Heatherleigh on the Isle of Wight where he has a girl friend called Daisy.  An excellent passenger in the car who takes great delight in looking out of the front window by stretching his neck between the front seats.

His home life is just one long round of sleeping, occasionally woofing at the neighbour, and being totally dominated by his small sister Ella, a King Charles Cavalier.