We have had a request from the Model Boat users to ask that you refrain from letting your dogs use the model boat pond when people are there sailing their boats. This is dual purpose as the dogs may chase/damage the boats and some of the boats have powered propellers, etc which may injure your dog.

I am sure most of us already use this common sense approach but if you see other dog owners about, please advise them accordingly. I have spoken to John Cherry from the Model Boat Club, and he does not see any problem in dogs using the pond at other times such as evenings when no boaters are around. The only other issue is that sticks thrown in for dogs to retrieve are being left floating around and these can cause extensive damage to the boats.

Please encourage others to use sense and get the dogs retrieving proper dog dummies, etc – sticks can injure a dog severely if they get stuck in their mouths, etc.

The Model Boat Pond is there primarily for the sailing of boats and their use does take priority.