Hull City Council offer a discounted dog neutering service for all residents regardless of income.  Currently the charges are £34 for male dogs and £71 for bitches.  To book your pet in please ring 300300 and the Dog Warden service will ring you back to give you the full details.

The Dog Warden also offers a micro-chipping service.  This costs £5 at events.  They will also do home visits to chip your dog and/or cat and this costs £10 per animal.  Again contact them through 300300.

Carr House Rescue Centre also offer microchipping for just £5. This service is available every Wednesday and Saturday between 1pm and 3pm. If you would like more information or to arrange an appointment, please contact 01482 701 738

People who fail to clean up after their dogs give us all a bad name.  Those caught face a £50 fine.  However those annoying ones who take the time to put it in a bag but then sling the bag onto the ground, etc, face a higher fine of £75 as this is then classed as littering.

You can help by reporting ongoing persistent offenders to Environmental Health via 300300.  They will need some details to work on such as descriptions of the owner/dog, or times the fouling occurs.  You can also give them registration numbers of vehicles for those lazy people who just open their car doors and let their dogs out on their own whilst they sit and watch without cleaning up!