As Manager of East Park I am really pleased that your user group has been established. I have worked closely with the founder, Kay, to ensure your constitution and code of conduct is workable. The park will work closely with you to:

  1. Educate the non dog owner why you like to have a dog as a pet
  2. Educate those dog owners that are not aware that their actions may cause distress to other park users
  3. Consult with you in all areas of the parks management
  4. Listen to your views regarding East Park, as a valid user group representing dog walkers
  5. Meet with you regularly to ensure we keep each other upto date on news and events

It is unfortunate that a minority of irresponsible dog owners have tarnished the majority of responsible dog walkers, and so between us, we have a lot of work to do to establish your group as having a professional and understanding approach. Not every one likes dogs, so we must be mindful of their needs also.  East Park is large enough to accommodate all users, it just takes a sensible approach, sometimes compromise, but above all an understanding of the others point of view.

The code of conduct you have all signed up to will be extremely valuable and helpful in this. I just hope that all dog walkers will join your group.