East Park Dog Control Orders

begin 1st July 2013

map -click to enlarge

On Weds, 26th June Hull City Council decided to implement the long awaited Dog Control orders for a trial six month period. This means that as from Monday, 1st July, restrictions on where dogs can run free, but under control, and where they must be kept on leads will become part of the regulations in East Park. This will be enforced by the council and on-the-spot fines may be issued. We are thankful that they generally took on board the proposals we put forward making only a small number of amendments as can be seen on the map. Note the traffic light system red, amber, green. You will notice there are more “on lead” areas than were originally proposed, the areas shown in amber. Most of the “no dog” areas were already restricted for common sense reasons.

The success or failure of this exercise depends on how we, as responsible dog owners, follow the guidelines and also how the council deal with those who don’t.

The council’s leaflet explains how to have a safe day out in the Park with your dog.

 leaflet - click to enlarge


A bit of history to assist newcomers. The subject of Dog Control orders was first brought up by the Council as a result of there being 20 dog related complaints in one year in East Park.

A survey of Park users was carried out to ascertain the public’s view on implementing more control over dogs in the park. As a result of this survey the Council have decided to undertake this six month trial period of control to evaluate the benefits and any difficulties that arise.

If successful the plans are to roll this out city wide.

For those who don’t know what Dog Control Orders are please click here to download the DCO¬† briefing paper which will explain a lot.